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Life’s Too Short To Eat Dull Food!

Twelve Delicious Flavours of Rubs
Available in Sachets & Tins

The Food Rub Co. provides you with the very best flavours from around the world, enabling you to create tasty unforgettable meals with the minimum of fuss and effort. We pride ourselves in only using the very best spices and herbs for all our Food Rubs. Quality and taste is absolutely paramount to our food philosophy. What’s more, all our food rubs are made from natural ingredients with no artificial additives – gluten free. Using our food rubs on your meat, fish and vegetables can transform plain food into a quick tasty snack or a gourmet feast – and it’s easy, just apply your chosen Rub, leave for a short while and cook, it’s as simple as that!

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Kamados & Food Rubs – Perfect Partners…

Many of you will already be familiar with Kamados. A big step up from ordinary BBQ cooking. Kamados are so versatile and controllable. You can quickly attain high heat suitable for that all important instant steak sizzle, whilst also offering the ability to cook (and smoke), long and slow for the juiciest tender meat you’re ever likely to taste… Shop now for your Kamado – available in three sizes – delivered free to anywhere in the UK!

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