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Kamados & Food Rubs – Perfect Partners

Kerry Costello - Owner The Kamado charcoal cooking revolution is well on its way – a huge step up from any BBQ grill. Kamados are so versatile and controllable in a way that most barbeques aren’t. You can quickly attain high heat suitable for that all important instant steak sizzle, whilst also offering the ability to cook and smoke, slow and long – and efficiently. The enclosed heat retaining ceramic shell adds a dimension and range of sustained temperatures, unattainable with traditional metal BBQs. I think Kamados also look better and more interesting – aesthetics are also important in cooking.

Our Food Rubs are the perfect partner for Kamado cooking. Be it for marinating your meat hours, or even the day before – or simply adding a Rub to your food minutes before you cook. Whatever your choice, Food Rubs will greatly enhance the taste and enjoyment of cooking on your Kamado Joe Grill.