Finally, someone who knows how to make Spice Rubs in the UK. I was introduced to rubs in South Africa by our friend when we went to visit and I was hooked. Really enjoying the Californian Persian Rub and looking forward to trying some more
Alice Abelard, Devon

“Bought some rubs in America when I was on holiday but when I ran out I couldn’t get them back here in the UK, then I found your website, fantastic, I bought all eight flavours and I’m working my way through them all. So far so good, really good”
Steve Wiley

“My friend Glenda recommended me to you so I bought three different flavours to see if I liked them first. I was bowled over, what a difference they make. My kids love them as well. And so easy to use, I’m a convert.”
Alice King

“I made the best ever BBQ sauce with the recipe from your website and it was awesome. It was my wife’s birthday and we had some friends round and I cooked them some ribs with the sauce. We all had too much to drink, but that’s another story. Keep up the good work Food Rubs .”
Jerry, Belfast

“I haven’t eaten anything this tasty since before I went on my diet. Boring fish and chicken was driving me back to normal food, then I came across your website, so now I’m keeping to the plan and it’s going well. Thanks to food rubs .”
Melanie, Herts

“These are the best spice rubs I have found in the UK and more than comparable to the ones I brought back from the US, which I ran out of eventually. My compliments to whoever blended these rubs. I’ve tried three so far and my favourite is the BBQ rub . I’m going to try using it to make that best ever BBQ sauce recipe you have on your website. I’ll let you know how I go on.”
Mike T, Tonbridge

“Just used the Steak Rub as I wanted to recreate that deliciously flavoured steak that I have experienced so many times on my travels in the US. I wasn’t disappointed and what a tremendous Fillet Steak it was. I coated the steaks and laid them overnight in the fridge….just superb and great with some sautéed mushrooms.

“I bought six rubs from your range, have now used the fish rub and the steak rub . Very pleased with both meals I used them with. The rubs have encouraged me to be more adventurous with my cooking and menu planning. Once again very pleased with the rubs, and the service received.”
B Wark

“Absolutely love your products! Purchased a couple to sample and i now want to buy the whole range which i will get round to doing when i get back from holiday. Think my family will be getting Food Rubs for Xmas too!”

“I don’t know whether you’ve figured this out yet, but mix a little rub with light mayo. I call it ‘amazinaise’ ;).”
B Tomlinson

“My experience using the Food Rub Co. Has been fantastic. All of the orders I placed came quickly and were delivered on time. Using the Rubs themselves has transformed meals and what I cook. I eat a lot of Chicken and Pork and would typically buy these meats breaded or ready flavoured in some way. Now I rarely eat a lunch or dinner without using one of the Rubs. I have recently started the Paleo Diet which means consuming whole foods only – lots of meat and veg etc which does get boring at times. Using your Rubs, I have been able to add loads of flavour to meat and veg in a healthy way, making mealtimes something to look forward to.I have used the Rubs when pan frying meats – the video on your website was really useful when doing this. Also, I have used the Rubs to flavour Kebabs and when roasting vegetables. I would recommend the Rubs to anyone wanting to build more flavour into meals – they are also really good fun and easy to use. I have recently cooked for family using the Rubs who were surprised at how much flavour they added.”
James Hill

“Your Rubs have proved a big hit in our house, even with the kids who both have their favourites, they can both have the same meal but using the appropriate Rub ensures that both boys clear their plates. We’re even going to give some Rubs to the 2 Grandads in our lives, they are both
difficult to buy for but they love spicy food, perfect!”
Robert Ackroyd

“I was delighted with the All Purpose rub which I used on pork loins, pork sausages and chicken thighs. I simply put the meat along with the rub (plus salt and pepper) into a plastic freezer bag and ensured that all the meat was liberally covered and left said bag in the fridge overnight. The resultant grilled meat was delicious and I cannot believe the difference by simply following the above instructions …. different class, especially simple pork sausages which are transformed beyond imagination. I would and have recommended these rubs to fellow ‘chefs’….challenging them to take your cooking to a different level. I fully intend to purchase more in the future and I am intrigued with the Cajun and BBQ rubs”

“I was fascinated by the idea of using Rubs, never heard of them before I saw your website. Anyway, I bought the steak rub and the fish rub.
The steak rub was just great so I’m now looking forward to using the fish rub, I’ll let you know.”

“Saw your stuff about rubs helping you lose weight, that was enough for me to try and I did. Too early to say I’ve lost much, but I’m loving the taste and the flavour.”
Emma Robinson

“I want to say how much our eating habits have changed since discovering Food Rubs. My husband only ever ate fish or chicken in batter, breadcrumbs or a rich sauce. Now we both eat plain fish and chicken breast livened up with rubs. Our favourites are white fish fillets with Louisiana Fish rub and All Purpose Rub with pasta or roasted veg. I not only use them as a rub but as a general seasoning for soups, vegetables and casseroles. Like the website says, healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless. We both need to watch our cholesterol etc., so this is an easy way to control this and also watch my own weight. I continue to be excited by Food Rubs and intend to keep trying new ideas. The list is endless.”
G Kendall

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To obtain your FREE downloadable copy of the 38 page Spice Rub Cookbook (worth £7.40), simply enter your email address below and we’ll send you the link

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