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Steak Rub

Steak Rub Shame not to make the most of a delicious steak which is why we have created a Steak Rub ! If you are treating yourself to a lovely steak, why not go the extra mile and give it a little help in the flavour department? There’s no reason why a steak can’t taste different every time with our range of delicious steak rubs.

Steak Rubs, made especially to enhance and improve the flavours of your steaks or meat cuts, are made with the most complimentary of spices including paprika, garlic, coriander and dill. Treat yourself to a delicious steak with the added bonus of a steak rub !

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Top Tip

Create a delicious marinade for your steak by mixing your steak rub with a splash of red wine and leave to infuse!

Rubs not only for Steak…

Who says a steak rub has to be used exclusively on a steak? Why not try adding a spoonful of Steak Rub to a handful of grated cheese, pile generously on top of a slice of toast and grill?

As steak is vegetarian, why not add Steak Rub to a little olive oil, mix it round so the flavours infuse the oil, and add to a salad for a bit of a kick? Before roasting your potatoes, sprinkle with Steak Rub and olive oil and let your roast potatoes do the talking!